Friday, September 10, 2010

Why SST?

Applied Learning is pervasive throughout SST's 4-year curriculum. It forms the core of the teaching and learning approach in the SST and creates learning opportunities for students to draw connections between the concepts taught in the classroom and real-world applications.

At Year 1 and 2, students will take the following subjects: English Language, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, Science, Integrated Humanities and Art, Design, Media & Technology (ADMT).

At Year 3 and 4, students will take a combination of conventional and applied subjects. He may take conventional subjects such as English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities (e.g. SS + Geog) together with one or two Applied Subjects such as Design Studies, Fundamentals of Electronics, Media Studies, Biotechnology and Environmental Science & Technology.

The following are the key distinguishing features of the SST curriculum:

1. Integrated Approach
At the lower secondary levels, the SST adopts an integrated approach to learning while providing a firm foundation for upper secondary levels. Students studying a topic on terrorism in Integrated Humanities will be able to view it from both the geographical and historical perspectives and hence gain a deepen understanding of national, regional and global issues. The integrated approach draws learning from the different disciplines and allows the students to view issues from multiple perspectives, thus engendering the creative mindset. Integrating various disciplines makes the relationships between the components explicit and blurs their boundaries. This prepares students for life and work in the 21st Century.

2. Holistic and Broad-based Development
Besides offering a rigorous academic curriculum, the SST also provides a holistic education to all students with a particular emphasis on Character, Citizenship, Leadership and Lifeskills.
The SST also believes that every student needs and deserves individual care. Students are thus provided with a strong network of support through a structure of pastoral care programmes anchored on the school values of integrity, respect and excellence.

3. Innovation and Enterprise
SST takes bold, confident and well-thought through strategies to implement innovative teaching techniques and curriculum design to nurture the innovative and enterprising aspects of students. Teaching of I & E knowledge and skills will be seamlessly woven into the curriculum to form one of the pillars of the school's holistic educational approach.

4. Technology as a Way of Life
Proven applied learning techniques with the latest information and communications technologies (ICT) as well as Interactive Digital Media (IDM) will be consciously infused into various subjects to provide an innovative and engaging learning environment.

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