Saturday, September 11, 2010

School of Science and Technology, Singapore

SST's Vision-
A Globally Connected Institution of Science and Technology.

SST's Mission-
To develop world-ready and future-looking leaders through innovative technology and applied learning.

SST's Values-
Forging excellence
Building an empowered community
Expanding learning networks

SST's Goals-
Creative thinkers and innovators
Lifelong learners with character
Collaborative and independent problem-solvers
Dynamic leaders
Active local and global citizens

The 10 Cs of SST
Critical thinking
Citizenship and ethics
Cross-cultural understanding

CODE OF CONDUCT for the SST Community

SST believes in inculcating positive moral character and performance character in all our students.
As a community, the school abides by the following principles:

Respect — that students respect themselves, their families, the school, the environment, property, and the local and global communities.

Responsibility — that students manage themselves and be responsible for their own actions, and know that the choices they make have consequences not only for themselves but also for others.

Relationships — that students work at building positive relationships of understanding, trust and support with family members, teachers, friends, and others in the SST community.

Reflection — that students develop the habit of self-reflection and self-evaluation for their per- sonal wellbeing, growth, and development.

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